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Chair Assessments and Ergonomic Office Chairs Leeds

We are experts in chair assessments and have helped hundreds of customers find the right seating solution.

A Class Office Chair or Workstation Assessment will identify any possible problems and help improve the comfort of your staff.

A member of our team will spend time with your employees to find out more about their roles, any disability they may have, and any challenges or obstacles they face during the working day.

The body is not fixed - it is designed to move, and it has an in-built warning system that encourages movement and change of position. Pain and discomfort are early warnings to change current postural habits to ones that reduce these problems. If the warnings are ignored the problems will get worse.

Our ergonomic chair range will help achieve a better posture more naturally. Seating requirements for work vary depending on job role, working hours and physique.

If you care about your employees, we suggest you book one of our Free Chair Assessments now. Please call us on 01937 843 411.

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